We are Catering and Hospitality Consultants. Established in 2013 to assist businesses in the industry to further develop their skills and knowledge through bespoke training and resources

Our expertise consists of industry professionals who have extensive experience in Catering, Hospitality, Retail, Venue Management, Business Development and Training sectors ensuring quality advice and exceptional service every time.

We provide a unique audit and recommendations process to ensure you receive only the services that you require to support, develop and grow your business. This time efficient process is conducted onsite with the relevant people to ensure transparency is guaranteed.

Our services will produce a positive ROI for any business which is demonstrated through a combination of managing costs, increasing income and efficient operating practices.

We will follow this with a proposal of services that will reflect our findings from the audit process. Once we have all agreed on the recommendations we will implement our training plans and supportservices to achieve a positive outcome.

We engage with various types of businesses in multiple ways. These being;

Mark G

Owner & Director

After spending more than 30 years in a kitchen Mark has all the knowledge and experience needed to manage our food and beverage services. His attention to detail and ability to communicate with precision ensures excellent results are delivered.

e: [email protected]

t: 07985217090

Julie Bramwell

Business Development

Julie’s extensive marketing and brand management experience ensures we develop and build professional, long standing working relationships. Her ability to identify and manage partnership opportunities is a significant factor in developing networks and building a successful, profitable business.

e: [email protected]

t: 07932030250